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The Monstercraftsman parts store:

Monstercraftsman started with a single product; our Hand-made Chain Tensioners.

Since that first product we have grown into a fully stocked depot with tons custom motorcycle parts. Whether you're looking for a Hand-made Chain Tensioners or a Weld-On Hardtails; Monstercraftsman's got your back!

The Monstercraftsman Hand-made Chain Tensioners!

  • Nothing is worse than having your chain flop all over the place as you drive down the road!

Monstercraftsman's tensioners will eliminate all chain whip, chain noise, vibration, and will protect your components by reducing chain and sprocket wear. These chain tensioners are very versatile in that you can either weld them directly to your frame permanently in any spot or configuration and paint everything together or just weld on included stainless steel studs and bolt the powder coated tensioner assembly right on for easy installation and removal.

They feature an indestructible sprocket with sealed bearings or a "re-issue" Powel Peralta Skate wheel with sealed bearings, or a custom made Polyurethane wheel made by the inventors of "urethane". Also Included is a hand wrapped stainless steel torsion spring. The nuts and washers are all stainless as well.


When the tensioner is under load it provides very stiff upwards pressure on your chain from the bottom to automatically tension the chain as you drive with all the fluxuations of accelerating and decellerating. This product is highly recomended for any chopper due to increased chain length. Monstercraftsman's tensioners are universal to all makes and models. Can also double as a toilet paper roll holder...

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